Puppy Care

Did you just bring home a new puppy but you’re not sure what you’re going to do while you’re away at work? We can help with our puppy care visits!

Raising a puppy can be a big undertaking if you are away from home during the day. Puppies need consistency in their potty training and an outlet for their abundance of energy in their formative months. During our puppy care visits we give your new ‘kid’ a chance to stretch his or her legs and have some fun while you’re out.

Our program includes basic training both on and off leash, a socializing walk around the block, mess cleanup, and a lot of love and affection. Our aim is to make your puppy’s transition into a well trained, happy and healthy dog as easy as possible.

Puppy Care Rates

Break 20 Minutes 30 Minutes 45 Minutes
$18 $22 $25 $31

After 6 months, puppies matriculate into our dog walking program. Dog running programs start at 10-12 months.

Break: Short walk with bathroom break.  Available mid-day only, M-F.  Visit offerings start at 20 minutes on Daniel Island, Sullivan’s Island, and IOP.  Sullivan’s & IOP add $3 per visit.