Pet Sitting

Vacation Dog Sitting

In-home vacation dog sitting is an excellent kennel alternative for those dogs who prefer to stay comfortable in their own home while their parents are out of town. Your dog can sleep in his or her own bed at night and enjoy the familiar sights and sounds of their own neighborhood during the day with daily dog walks. Our vacation dog sitting schedules can be customized but we generally have four options that most clients choose from:

Option 1: Two daily walks or visits consisting of 30 minutes each. We come early morning and just before bed. You can split the time how you see fit (walk/yard/feed/tlc, etc…). This package is a good option for pups that prefer two outings per day. $55 for one or two dogs.

Option 2: Three daily visits consisting of two 20 minute walks and one 30 minute walk per day. We come early morning, mid-day, and just before bed. This package is a great way to keep your dog happy in his or her own environment while you’re away. $74 per day for one or two dogs.

Option 3: Three daily walks or visits of 30 minutes each. If your dog has lots of energy and needs three power walks per day to get the energy out, this package is an excellent option. $80 per day for one or two dogs.

Option 4: Four daily walks or visits of 20 minutes each. This package is a great option for those pups who would do better with less time between visits and more frequent outings. $93 per day for one or two dogs.

Longer visits & walk-to-run upgrades are available upon request!

(Third pet charge is an additional $3 per visit. Sullivan’s & IOP add $3 per visit)

Advantages of In-Home Vacation Pet Care vs. Kennel Boarding:

  • ♦ Familiar environment & routine for your dog
  • ♦ 3 or 4 dog walks per day
  • ♦ Your dog doesn’t have to be transported
  • ♦ Undivided attention from your walker
  • ♦ No need to impose on family or friends
  • ♦ Your dog isn’t exposed to the illnesses of other animals
  • ♦ We take care of your home, water plants, mail, etc…

Daytime Dog Sitting

We come to your home so your dog can stay comfortable in his or her own surroundings while you’re away. Your pup is given a bathroom break, food and water, playtime, medicine if needed, and plenty of love and affection during our visits. Dog sitting rates are the same as dog walking rates and the two services can be mixed.

Break 20 Min 30 Min 45 Min
$18 $22 $25 $31

Break: 12 minute bathroom break & fresh air.  Available mid-day only, M-F.  Walk offerings start at 20 minutes on Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, and Sullivan’s Island.

(2nd dog per house is no additional charge, 3rd dog add $3)

Cat Sitting

Don’t let the name fool you ~ DogStar loves cats too! Visits are up to 20 minutes long and include meal preparation, playtime, and litter cleanup.  We’ll also bring in the mail, water your plants, and adjust the lighting so your home looks lived in while you’re away ~ $22. Visits are performed either once per day or once every other day.

(2nd cat per house no additional charge, 3rd cat or pet add $3)

Other Pet Sitting Services

House Sitting – We swing by your home while you’re away to retrieve mail, switch the lights, water the flowers, etc…$25.

Pet Food Pickup – $30 plus the cost of supplies.

Rabbits, Fish, and small birds – Specific daily pet care with TLC. Please call for rates.

Vet Emergencies – $95 per hour plus vet fees.

Areas Served – Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Daniel Island.