Dog Running

As the old saying goes, ‘A tired dog is a good dog.’

The goal of our dog running program is to increase the overall health and well being of your dog while ensuring that he or she has a great time along the way. No two dogs are the same and our programs are personalized to reflect that. Age, breed, and health are all taken into consideration when implementing a running program for your dog.

As veterinarians recommend, we start your dog slowly and build up his or her endurance over time. Every session begins with a warm up walk, progresses to a jog or run, and finishes with a cool down on the way home. The health and safety of your dog is our primary concern on every run and we will always keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or fatigue.

Our running programs will satisfy your dogs health and fitness needs in a naturally fun way, so that you can enjoy your play time together when you return home. We are sure you will be satisfied with our services and that you’ll be able to notice the positive difference in your dog that a Dogstar running program promotes.

20 Minute Runs 30 Minute Runs 40 Minute Hybrid
$25 $29 $31

HYBRID VISITS: 40 action-packed minutes of run/walk/fetch!

(2nd dog per house no additional charge.  Sullivan’s & IOP add $3 per visit)

Benefits of Dog Running

  • ♦ Your pup has fun!
  • ♦ Keeps dogs happy
  • ♦ Improves health
  • ♦ Controls weight
  • ♦ Decreases separation anxiety
  • ♦ Helps eliminate destructive behavior
  • ♦ Calms aggression
  • ♦ Promotes cardiovascular fitness
  • ♦ Strengthens muscles and bones
  • ♦ Prevents heart disease
  • ♦ Provides an energy outlet
  • ♦ Helps prevent boredom
  • ♦ Promotes healthy rest

* Although we always tailor our dog running programs to your pets individual abilities, we advise new clients to have their pets for a vet checkup within 6 months before beginning a new exercise program.